Update: COVID-19 Response

We wanted to reach out with an update regarding our ongoing monitoring and response to this evolving situation. Our leadership team will continually evaluate the situation—gathering feedback from both divisions—and determine our company’s response based on new state and federal mandates. New information is coming out almost hourly and much of it varies state by state. Please know that we are taking this situation seriously, that we are adhering to government regulations and health guidelines, and that we are acting with your health—and that of our customers and the general public—first in mind.

We will continue operations, barring any state or federal guidelines to the contrary, in order to continue to support our people and our customers to the best of our ability. For now, landscape construction projects are still active and we have not seen a significant decrease in workflow other than those necessitated by social distancing measures. On the landscape management side, we are anticipating a short-term slowdown in landscape upgrades and enhancements as customers weigh the continued economic impact on their businesses. Please continue to practice social distancing and enhanced hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing measures as outlined in our previous memo. In addition, and in accordance with state and federal recommendations, please avoid any gatherings of more than 10 people. This means no traditional stretch and flex gatherings, limit the number of people on any one job, no appreciate and celebrate activities, telework when possible, and avoid any unnecessary contact with others. If you are requested by a customer to join an in-person meeting or other gathering, please consult with your supervisor for a recommendation on how to politely decline, reschedule, or request to hold the event online or by phone. Again, your health is our first priority.

We know that these are uncertain times and that emotions are running high. We encourage you to share any concerns, individual situations or anxieties with your supervisor. If you are receiving any feedback from our customers that might help us be more responsive or sensitive to their needs, please reach out with that information as well. Our goal is to gather as much feedback as possible so that we can react in a comprehensive and unified manner when making decisions about the next course of action as this situation continues to evolve. Given the frequent updates, we expect more communication to come out over the next few days. Please be ready to adapt as needed and remember that the disruption caused by COVID-19 shall pass in time and will undoubtedly become one of the many challenges that we have overcome as a team. Please know that our number one priority is keeping our team safe and our company operational to ensure that everyone weathers this storm. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping yourself and your team healthy and for your trust in us during this difficult time.


Craig and Phil