Community Service

Committed to giving back to the communities in which we work and live

As a leading landscape contractor, Ruppert Landscape embraces social responsibility as an opportunity to give back to the community both locally and internationally. Participating in philanthropic causes is consistent with our guiding principles in that it aids in building an organization that both employees and customers are proud to be associated with. Five percent of profit is pledged annually for donations of products, services, expertise, and financial resources to various charitable causes. In the last five years, that amounted to over $2.5M.

The company also directs some of it’s donations through The Ruppert Family Foundation.

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This commitment to community service aims to reinforce that the work being performed has value that goes far beyond a day’s work and a paycheck. We involve our employees in charitable projects to ensure that each of them experiences that feeling of good will that comes with giving to those in need. Employees are encouraged to get their branch involved in charitable efforts that are near and dear to their hearts—whether their cause of choice is a breast cancer walk, feeding the homeless, or running a wiffleball fundraiser to raise money for a juvenile diabetes center. Two percent of our total five percent that is budgeted is managed directly out of our branches to ensure that employees are directly involved in the giving and charitable projects.