Q: Do you provide residential lawn care or landscaping services?
A: We are solely a commercial landscape contractor. Please visit our services pages to see a list of markets we serve.

Q: Would you be willing to donate to or sponsor a particular community service event?
A: Please fill out this form to inquire about sponsorships or donations.

Q: Do you sell your used vehicles and equipment?
A: Yes; please visit our Assets for Sale site to view availability and inquire about purchasing.


Q: Who do I contact with billing questions?
A: Please contact your local branch/main point of contact, whose name and phone number should be listed on the invoice provided to you. If you do not have that information, please visit our Locations page to locate and contact your local branch.

Q: Where should I mail a check payment?
A: You can mail checks to our corporate headquarters: 23601 Laytonsville Road, Laytonsville, MD 20882. Please include a copy of the invoice and/or list the invoice number in the memo field of the check.

Q: Who do I call to process a credit card payment?
A: Credit card payments can be made through your local branch. Please call the number listed on your invoice or visit our Locations page to contact your local branch.

Current/Former Employees

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my paycheck?
A: Please contact your direct supervisor or branch manager. You may also reach out directly to our payroll department at payroll@ruppertcompanies.com.

Q: Where do I inquire about my 401K?
A: Please address 401K questions to ADP Member Access/Service Assistance at 1-866-695-7526 or visit www.mykplan.com.

Q: How do I update my address or request a copy of my W2?
A: Please contact our payroll department at payroll@ruppertcompanies.com with your first and last name, birth date, prior home address and new home address, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Vendors and Subcontractors

Q: How do I become a subcontractor for Ruppert Landscape?
A: Fill out this form to express interest in becoming a subcontractor.

Q: Who makes purchases on behalf of the company?
A: For the most part, our branch teams make their own purchases. Please contact your local branch directly with any sales inquiries.

Q: Where can I request a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?
A: Please contact your local branch to request a copy of their COI.