A Code To Live (And Work) By

These values are our guiding principles and business philosophies put into writing. They are reviewed at each employee’s orientation, continuously reinforced in training, in employee evaluations to measure performance, and as a guide for daily decisions on all levels in the company. One of the key underlying principles is that we want to create an organization of which our employees can be proud.

Respect Each Other

Our people are responsible for our success. We are committed to the growth, development and safety of every employee and believe that our employees’ accomplishments should be appreciated and celebrated. Communication is important and all employees should feel well- informed, listened to, and treated fairly. When life challenges emerge, every ounce of energy will be put into working through them and developing reasonable solutions. Our goal is to be a great place to work for people who love to work.

Value Our Customers

We expect each Ruppert employee to listen to our customers, get to know them and do what it takes to exceed their expectations. Our customers make our successes possible—they pay our bills, provide our livelihoods, enable us to give back to our communities, and allow us to grow. We demonstrate our commitment to our customers through the image we project, the innovative solutions we provide and the integrity we demonstrate.

Take Ownership

As an employee and family-owned company, it is important that each employee think of this as “my company” vs. “the company.” We expect that each employee should understand the concept of “watching the pennies,” maintaining a sense of hustle and urgency, and always pursuing the most efficient approach. We want our teams to feel empowered to make decisions, offer suggestions and resolve challenges.

Care For Our Community

As a community, our individual fates are linked and our futures are intertwined. We believe that it is our responsibility to support and be involved in the communities in which we work and live. That care extends to the environment, employees, their families, vulnerable populations, and the groups that serve them. Our giving has been a strong part of our past and continues to fuel our future growth. We want our employees to connect with the idea that their hard work on a daily basis creates profit, which enables us to give back to our community.