Irrigation & Water Management

Irrigation and water managementIrrigation and water management is arguably one of the most vital aspects of landscaping. To maximize the investment that’s been made in a newly installed landscape, it’s important to ensure the efficient and uniform delivery of water. Properly designed and installed, irrigation systems aid in water conservation efforts by applying water at scheduled intervals directly where it’s needed. They take into consideration microclimates, topography, plant species, soil type and local rainfall patterns to help avoid the needless waste of water and ensure long-term plant vitality.

What we offer:

  • System design & installation
  • Smart controllers & mobile monitoring
  • Rain and moisture sensors
  • Fountain, pond, and water feature service and repair
  • Water retention projects
  • Pump stations & filtration systems
  • Water conservation recommendations

Who We Serve

  • General Contractors
  • Building Owners
  • Commercial Developers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Site Developers
  • Trade Partners
  • Municipal Entities

Where We Operate

We take on large, complex landscape construction projects across the country with bases of operation in the following markets:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Houston, TX

Why Choose Ruppert

  • 50 years in the industry
  • Comprehensive management from inception to completion
  • Reliable estimating and pre-construction services
  • Top bonding capacity
  • Commitment to safety
  • Proprietary software to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget
  • Numerous craftsmanship awards
  • Commitment to community service