Executive Team

Craig Ruppert


Phil Key


Bob Jones

President, Landscape Construction Division

Tom Barry

President, Landscape Management Division

Fred Key

Region VP, Landscape Management Division

Corporate Management

Reid Altavilla

Corporate Fleet Manager

George Cole

Regional Fleet Manager

Mike Felts

Vice President of Human Resources

Greg Franklin

VP of Fleet, Facilities and Safety

Tina Holt

Director of Payroll & Benefits

Adrian Karver

Region Safety Manager

Grant McCarthy

Director of Tax and Compliance

Mike Monde

Director of Training & Culture

Courtney Pohlit

Director of People and Recruiting

Jennifer Saah

VP of Accounting & Financial Risk Management

Dave Sanders

Director of Safety and Risk

Emil Saweros

Director of Information Technology

Johnny Sawyer

Regional Fleet Manager

Amy Snyder

Director of Public Relations

Hunter Thompson

Director Accounting, Systems & Reporting

Landscape Construction Divison

Patrick Luzier

Southern Region VP

Jim Tuzzolino

Regional Vice President

Mike Ward

Dir. of Pre-Construction Services

Ken Thompson

Director of Quality and Efficiency

Paul Pestun

Dir. of Business Development

Jon Von Staden

Dir. of Finance & Administration

Adam Bennett

Branch Manager, Georgia

Sean Davitt

Branch Manager, Maryland

Angela Howes

Branch Manager, North Carolina

Jack Jones

Branch Manager, Texas

Marvin Clermont

Assistant Branch Manager, Tennessee

Louis Labonte

Assistant Branch Manager, Virginia

Mike Ryan

Assistant Branch Manager, Virginia

Chris Southworth

Assistant Branch Manager, North Carolina

Melanie Anderson

Talent Acquisition Representative

Landscape Management Division

Doug Halsey

Region VP, Landscape Management Division

Damien Barber

Region Manager

Steve Faber

Region Manager

John Harich

Region Manager

Kevin Hazelgrove

Region Manager

Sam Wells

Region Manager

Chuck Whealton

Region Manager

Jason Dixon

Director of Business Development

Joe Ketterer

Director Quality and Efficiency

Tim Schofield

Division Project Manager

Josh Nichols

Regional Snow Manager

Matthew Davidson

Regional Irrigation Manager

Scott Schoffstall

Regional Irrigation Manager

Chris Bixler

Branch Manager, Washington (DC)

Ethan Brown

Branch Manager, Alexandria (VA)

Stephen DeWeese

Branch Manager, Alpharetta (GA)

Drew Dummann

Branch Manager, Raleigh (NC)

Melissa Dunk

Branch Manager, Frederick (MD)

Collin Fadrowski

Branch Manager, Camp Hill (PA)

Collins Fitts

Branch Manager, Gainesville (VA)

Mike Fleming

Branch Manager, Baltimore (MD)

Tom Flint

Branch Manager, Dulles (VA)

David Hensel

Branch Manager, Richmond East (VA)

Garth Jorgensen

Branch Manager, Delmarva (DE)

Brent Kelly

Branch Manager, Mableton (GA)

Rachel Kelly

Branch Manager, Charlotte (NC)

Brian Kinsella

Branch Manager, King of Prussia (PA)

Kyle Meissner

Branch Manager, Forestville (MD)

David Roles

Branch Manager, Laytonsville (MD)

Dave Sharry

Branch Manager, Richmond South

John Tagliaferri

Branch Manager, Fredericksburg (VA)

Jim Tilley

Branch Manager, Richmond North (VA)

Dan Trocher

Branch Manager, White Marsh (MD)

Michael Vispi

Branch Manager, Lilburn (GA)

Kevin Wetzonis

Branch Manager, Durham (NC)

Brian Windley

Branch Manager, Toughkenamon (PA)