Employee Survey Notification


Our company is being considered for inclusion in the 2021 Top Workplaces Program, sponsored by the Washington Post. To be considered for this list, we need strong participation from our Maryland, DC and Virginia employees who will be asked to complete the survey. The collective results of that survey will determine if we will be included on that list.

One of our goals is to continuously strive to become a better place to work. We want our employees to feel challenged and rewarded by their jobs while having fun and enjoying being part of our team. You can help us realize our goal by completing this brief employee engagement survey when you receive it on Tuesday, February 2.  This survey is your opportunity to help shape our company and improve your own work experience in the process. Your feedback, which is anonymous, will be compiled and used to guide further positive changes across the company.

The subject line of the email or text message will say something like “What do you think about your workplace?” So please take five minutes to complete this brief survey, which contains 24 statements and several open-ended questions. The survey results are gathered and tabulated by an independent firm, Energage, who will provide us only with a summary report of the results (no names, as it’s anonymous).

We would appreciate your help with responding to the survey, being honest and candid and providing specifics if/when you are asked. All surveys have to be completed by February 16 and you may receive reminders during that two-week period to ensure we get as many responses as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Amy Snyder or Courtney Pohlit.

Thanks, in advance, for participating.


Phil Key