A Holiday Greeting from Craig Ruppert

As we head into the holiday season, I wanted to take a few minutes for reflection. This past year, more so than many others, seems to have passed quickly. We’ve continued our evolution into what people keep calling “the new norm,” changing the way we work and live our lives and adapting to new practices that seem to keep shifting. Change is nothing new for us here at Ruppert. We are a fast-paced company focused on growing to provide opportunity for our team. This has gotten us accustomed to exercising our change muscles and has conditioned us to be able to flex, adapt to, and digest the new challenges like those presented with this unforeseen pandemic. This muscle memory is helping us remain competitive in the marketplace, bringing us fresh perspectives, and altering our behaviors for the better.

While embracing change is important to our continued learning and evolution, our ability to adapt and overcome is made possible because of our caring and dedicated team. Our competitive advantage and what our past and future success hinge on are the many friendships and deep connections that exist within our organization. I have watched you do wonderful things for one another—celebrating one another’s victories and supporting each other and the company during difficult times, such as the explosion at our corporate headquarters earlier this year. You’ve put your teammates first: teaching, coaching, laughing, and caring. You’ve prioritized the needs of our customers, working through many challenges, and overcoming obstacles to make their priority a reality.  And you’ve supported our community and raised awareness on important issues—from packing meals at food banks and renovating community centers to restoring shorelines and commemorating the pandemic toll. We’ve contributed over $650,000 to many deserving causes, extending ourselves and our resources in support of those in our community who need help now more than ever. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to give within our community—and I’ve had several conversations recently with folks within our community and our industry, often strangers—who recognize and appreciate what we’re doing in support of our community and for those in need. I hope that you’re able to feel that same pride in knowing that you played a key role in making that happen.

As we slow down over the holidays and take a moment to think about our blessings and all the good things we have going for us, please hold Bill Law in your thoughts and prayers as he continues his recovery following his injury during the explosion in September. I am so very grateful that he is improving with each week, and we are looking forward to his return when the time is right.

While change is constant—what I hope never changes is the caring and camaraderie that exists within this extended Ruppert family. Stay well and keep on taking care of one another and being focused on those who could use our help as we head into the new year. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season and have a happy and healthy new year.