Spanish Benefits Video – English Transcript

Good morning everyone, my name is Pam Berrios, I am the new Director of Multicultural Training and Development here at Ruppert. For those of you who don’t know me, I conduct leadership and motivational training programs, that are given entirely in Spanish. I hope I’ll have the pleasure of meeting all of you in one of my classes in the future.

Today I’m here to talk to you about your benefits as a team member here at Ruppert. From November 2nd to November 18th, we have the opportunity to change or add our benefits for the year 2021. All the benefits you currently have will continue to work for the rest of 2020, but in these two weeks you can choose the coverage you want to have next year.

Our company offers many benefits: Perhaps the most important one is Health Insurance, but it also offers Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement Planning, among others. It is very important that you learn about the plans that are currently offered, so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Of all the team members in our company, more than 40% of us are Latinos, but of all Latinos who currently work here, only 15% use our insurance benefits. This low number is worrying because we work in a rather dangerous industry, we are exposed to many things and it is important to be protected. I owned a landscaping business for 24 years prior to coming to Ruppert and unfortunately, I have seen and experienced many accidents. I have also seen people who, because they didn’t want to pay a monthly fee, then had to face very large bills, that later they could not afford to pay.

In previous years Ruppert only had 3 health insurance plans available. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Plans. Our people have always told us that insurance is very expensive and that’s why they don’t sign up. And it’s true, even though our company takes care of half the cost of these insurances for their team members, health insurance costs in the United States are always very high. Ruppert listened to your requests and this year for the first time we are introducing a low-cost health insurance plan. This plan is called Zinc and it only costs $30.23 per week. This is less than your daily coffee costs you a week. So now there are no excuses. It is very good to have this plan for any emergency or serious illness. As with all plans, you are responsible for paying a certain amount per week, then you have to cover your deductible and finally there are also expenses coming out of your pocket, but if the medical bill is high and you have already covered those amounts, then the insurance will cover what remains in its entirety. To give an example, if you have an accident, let’s hope to God you don’t, but if it happens and you need to have a surgery and you get a $20,000 bill, with the new Zinc plan you will only have to pay $6,000 plus your weekly payments and the rest will be English translation.  covered by insurance.

I know that in our Latin culture we are not used to paying for insurance, and rather we are used to waiting for the emergency to happen and then look for ways to resolve it, but there is a better way. We can prepare for the unexpected. I hope you take these two weeks to ask questions, please don’t be afraid to ask and inform yourself as much as possible.

Ask your branch administrators or supervisors how to learn more about all the benefits available to you and in your own language. If no one can help you at your branch, you can also contact me directly and I will gladly help you.

Your branch will be having a meeting, if they haven’t already, so they can explain all of this in more detail. Everyone has the opportunity to enter the ADP app on their phone and choose their new plan for 2021.

Take advantage that our company pays half of these costs for you and protect yourself and your family. Just as we always take care of our tools and our equipment, the most important thing we must take care of is ourselves. Don’t forget, if you don’t want to protect yourself for you, protect yourself for your family.

Well, hopefully we can see each other soon, friends. Take care of yourselves and be well.