A Corporate Campus in Atlanta


A National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) Grand Award-winning project. Located in midtown Atlanta, this corporate campus is a prominent part of the city’s fiber. The 30-acre site is home to 1000+ employees who inhabit nine, 2.3M SF buildings. The campus is intended as a respite for employees and was created with the idea that employees would have an open space in which to collaborate and enjoy the site’s outdoor areas. Some of this site dates back to the 1960’s, but the courtyard areas that were being renovated with this project had been originally constructed in the late 1980’s. The design intent for the project was two-fold: reinvigorate the landscape so that it mirrors the company’s tenets of collaboration, engagement and fun and provide repairs to the waterproofing membrane and accompanying layers that serve as the barrier between this over-structure landscape and the parking decks and loading dock below.

Project Scope

Installation of a waterproofing membrane, water storage cells, polystyrene and a custom soil mix; grading; irrigation; subsurface drainage; an intense layout of architectural concrete paving and pre-cast concrete walls; installation of a custom Ipe radius bench, artwork and bollards; sodding; landscape and large tree installation.