IT Update: Automatic Patching and Updating

By Jamison Moore, Director of IT

Over the course of the year, our IT team has rolled out several improvements to security and accessibility to make everyone’s day a little easier and more secure. Our last update encouraging everyone to use Multi-factor Authentication got a great response, and we’re glad so many people are taking the extra step to safeguard their accounts. Part of the next phase of security improvements is a change to how we update and patch everyone’s computers.

Improved Update Process

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re updating everyone’s Acrobat to the latest version automatically. Using that same technique, we’ll be managing Windows and Office updates, software patches, and fixes for known issues. This will cut down on the number of computers that will require hands-on maintenance or reimaging, helping to reduce downtime and the frustration of answering emails on your phone while we troubleshoot a problematic patch. The latest version of Windows is deploying soon (20H2), which includes a visual refresh and hundreds of new features and shouldn’t require anyone to do anything to receive the updates. Look for that in the next couple weeks.

Tips for Working from Home

As I mentioned last time, working from home has its own IT challenges. We recently learned of a ransomware attack against Baltimore County Public Schools, encrypting their data and shutting down classes for the better part of a week. While no personal devices were impacted, it’s stark reminder of the security challenges out there. If you believe your work computer has been compromised, or just want a quick check, file a ticket with and we’ll take a look. In the meantime, now is a great opportunity to double check the security of your personal accounts, enable Multi-Factor Authentication, and change passwords.

About Those Game Consoles…

Finally, something we get asked every year; while we can’t officially help you setup that shiny new game console Santa dropped down the chimney, we can recommend you unpack it early and make sure it’s updated and any games are downloaded before putting it under the tree for a smoother Christmas morning.