COVID-19 UPDATE: Social Distancing/Truck Policy

As we continue our ongoing anti COVID 19 efforts, please implement the following guidelines no later than Monday (3/23/20):

  • The number of people in a vehicle should not exceed the number of doors (e.g. do not have more than four people in a six-pack truck).
  • Per CDC guidelines for multi-passenger vehicles, keep windows open when possible.
  • Each passenger should have their own door, window and seat.  Do not switch seats throughout the day.
  • Wipe down trucks with disinfectant at least twice per day.
  • Assign crew members to the same truck daily. Crew members should sit in the same seat daily, as much as scheduling and attendance permits.
  • If an employee is not comfortable riding in a truck, they can notify their manager that they’d like to direct report.
  • Branches may request volunteers to direct report.
  • Direct reporting employees will receive their jobsite and expected arrival time the day before from their FM, and personal vehicles do not leave the jobsite or make stops during the day.
  • The direct report employee’s workday will end when the FM releases them.

Our goal with this policy is to support the national effort to slow the spread of the virus, and to the extent that it remains prudent, to keep our branches open to serve our customers and continue providing work and wages to our team.  Please remember to practice good hygiene: wash hands thoroughly and regularly, stand at least six feet apart, avoid large gatherings, and avoid physical contact with anyone outside of your immediate household (e.g. do not shake hands, pat someone on the back, hold someone else’s cell phone, ipad, laptop, etc).  While the world is changing fast, the sacrifices being asked of us to help support the health of our communities are relatively minor.  We absolutely can, and will, do this.  Let’s continue to show our customers and communities what kind of company Ruppert is by exemplifying how businesses should react to these guidelines.