Ruppert Landscape Partners with Knox Lane, Shares Proceeds with Employees

We’ve recently announced our strategic partnership with Knox Lane, a growth-oriented investment firm that is focused on partnering with businesses in the services and consumer sectors. Our management team, led by CEO Craig Ruppert and President Phil Key, will continue to lead the company, and will remain significant minority owners in the business.

“Their capital, experience, and strong track record of partnering with leading companies will enable us to continue our focus on helping our team achieve their professional and personal goals, delivering high-quality commercial landscaping services to our customers, and giving back to our community.”

The partnership with Knox Lane supports our long-term vision to continue to grow the company’s footprint within current and adjacent markets and expand both organically and through strategic acquisitions. “At the heart of everything we do is our desire to provide opportunity for our team,” said Phil. “The more we grow, the more opportunities there will be for our team to learn, take on more responsibility and earn more.” If you are one of our valued customers, you should see the same quality of service that you’ve grown to expect, with little or no appreciable change in how we operate.

As a thanks for the role they’ve played in the company’s growth and development, all employees with tenure over one year were given appreciation bonuses totaling $28 million.  Bonus amounts were determined based on years of service and salary and ranged from $7,000 to $200,000. This surprise announcement was made on December 6th at team gatherings throughout our 30+ branch locations.

“Everyone receiving this bonus was instrumental in helping create the value that we’ve been able to realize,” said Craig. “This bonus is well-deserved and is a way for us to acknowledge the value of our teams’ contributions and the essential role that they have played in our past and will continue to play in our future.”

Thanks to our team members whose dedication and hard work have helped us reach this milestone. We are looking forward to this exciting next chapter. To learn more about Knox Lane, visit