Preparing for Snow

By Josh Nichols, Region Snow Manager

Snow and ice management requires a lot of time and effort to be ready to go when the first flakes start to fly. Our teams start thinking about the upcoming winter season over the summer months, usually on the hottest days of the summer. Part of that is wishing it was a bit cooler out, but also recognizing the amount of work that is required to be snow ready.

Our regional team is always thinking about snow, no matter what time of year it is, to help provide guidance and consistency around everything snow related. We have a timeline that helps us know what items we should be focusing on at specific times of the year, including:


  • Preparing Customer Agreements (Summer)
  • Service Partner Networking (Summer)
  • Preparing & Purchasing Equipment (Fall)
  • Finalizing Snow Plans (September/October)
  • Safety & Operational Training (November/December)

With service partner and customer agreements in place, equipment ready, and final snow plans confirmed, each branch begins scheduling their snow safety and operations training. This has been a big focus for our teams to ensure that we are prepared to provide the best possible service when a winter event occurs.

Some of the aspects covered in our training include:

  • Customer Communication supported by Weather Works alerts—During each weather event, our Area Managers provide pre-storm updates with plans, in-storm updates, and post-storm wrap-ups.
  • Property Site Reports—Our Field Managers and Area Managers are responsible for providing clients with updates for each visit, including photos.
  • Proper Deicing Procedures
  • Plowing/Snow Clearing by Hand
  • Snow Staking—This process includes a site inspection and photo documenting the property for any damage/hazards.
  • Service Partner Relationship Management 
  • Mock Snowstorm Exercise—This is a dry run to simulate an actual event and includes:
    • Customer Communication
    • Equipment Preparation
    • Site Visits
    • Time Tracking & Billing Training

A great deal of attention is devoted to being prepared for the winter season. Each year the Ruppert team strives to provide quality service as safely as possible in difficult winter conditions. We want to thank our teams for dedicating the time to train on safe and efficient winter operations and thank our customers for helping us to plan in advance so that we are ready to keep their properties safe and clear all winter.