Ruppert Implements Nametags for Field Personnel in Landscape Management Division

Laytonsville, MD – Ruppert Landscape has introduced a new detail to its uniform standards, adding nametags for all field personnel in the company’s landscape management division.

“In today’s fast-paced society, there’s a tendency to want to commoditize landscape service providers,” said Tom Barry, landscape management division vice president. “With this uniform enhancement, we hope to put our customers on a first-name basis with the people maintaining their properties, distinguishing our employees as hard-working individuals and thereby distinguishing our company as a high-quality, dedicated service provider.”

Nametags are to be worn in the safety vest pocket and will include the employee’s name, title and years of service. “Our original safety vests did not feature a nametag pocket, so implementing nametags meant replacing more than 800 vests.” said Chuck Whealton, region manager in the company’s landscape management division. “The vest is the outermost part of the uniform and is the most frequently soiled and worn article, so we replace them frequently to keep our folks looking sharp.” Every new vest issued will include a nametag pocket, and the expected turnaround for field personnel from all 15 landscape management branch locations to receive a new vest is about 30 days.

“People respond better when they hear their name in conversation, and the ability to put a face with a name makes for stronger relationships between our people and our customers,” said Whealton. “It’s a small change that is relatively easy to implement and it helps us maintain that small business feeling as we continue to grow.”

Ruppert Landscape, a family and employee-owned business, provides commercial landscape construction and management with 20 branches serving eight primary markets in Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Houston. The company has a long-standing tradition of growing its team and giving back to the community. Visit us at