Coca-Cola Headquarters Wins Decorative Concrete Award

Our Georgia landscape construction team was recently recognized for their work on Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta and received a Grand Prize in the Integral Concrete category of the L. M. Scofield Co. 9th annual Decorative Concrete Awards. The awards were featured in the April edition of Concrete Decor Magazine:

“The renovation of the plaza at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta is truly an integrated project. It integrates the open area with the existing parking structure below. It integrates multiple elements — decorative concrete, precast walls, plant material and natural and artificial turf — into a unified design. It even integrates the signature shape of a classic Coke bottle! The concrete carries out this integrated theme, as it is integrally colored using Chromix Admixtures.

With the existing landscape settling, the hardscape cracking and the underlying parking structure leaking, the plaza had to be completely replaced. It was demolished to the original structural concrete. This structure was then waterproofed and Ruppert Landscape began work on the new outdoor space.

The biggest challenge was the formwork. To reduce weight, polystyrene foam was used to level the grade, so there was no firm foundation for the forms. Additionally, the forms had to be perfectly placed to accurately reproduce the bottle shape, which would be viewed from every floor of the two high-rise buildings on either side of the plaza. To accomplish this, Ruppert used sandbags to securely hold the forms.

Two colors of concrete were used. About 12,000 square feet were colored Slate Gray and then treated with a surface retarder and washed to expose the aggregate. Another 30,000 square feet were colored with Antique White in a mix with white cement. This surface was broom finished. The final result is a signature property with a landscape that refreshes, whether enjoyed outside or viewed from inside.”

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