How it Started vs. How it’s Going: Tyler Croson

Tyler Croson former intern spotlightIn this employee spotlight series, we hear from former interns who have completed their 12-week summer internship program and have since accepted a full-time position at Ruppert Landscape.

Tyler Croson started his Ruppert career with an internship in the summer of 2022 and is now an Area Manager in our Alexandria, VA landscape management branch.

How It Started:

How did you first hear about the internship opportunity? What motivated you to apply for/accept the internship?

Ethan Brown and Cole Stoy came down to Virginia Tech for a recruiting event and after talking to them about what the internship experience is like, I felt that it would be an invaluable experience. I was motivated to apply because, coming from a Turfgrass background, I have heard about Ruppert Landscape and felt that it would be a good fit.

Can you share your experience during the internship? What were some highlights or memorable moments?

My experience during the internship was great! Working in the field with various Field Managers taught me the importance of attention to detail on every job site. I was also heavily involved towards the final stages of the Sunrise Senior Center installation, which showed me that not only are we maintaining grass but also are involved in larger-scale enhancements. Towards the end of the internship, Cole Stoy and Matt Zuccari allowed me to shadow them and gain an understanding of both what it is like to be an Area Manager and Business Developer.

How did the internship contribute to your personal and professional growth? What skills or knowledge did you gain during your internship that have been valuable in your current role?

The internship contributed towards my professional growth because it showed me the many avenues that I can take within the company to grow and develop. I gained many skills during the internship and the one that I have continued to utilize was observing how Robbie Wallace cared for every property manager. His ability and commitment to every property manager is a skill that I have implemented when I deal with the costumer every day.

When/how were you offered a full-time position at Ruppert, and at what point did you realize that Ruppert was a company where you wanted to establish a platform for your career?

I was offered a full-time position towards the end of the internship and Ethan Brown stayed in touch with me for the last remaining semesters of college, after which I signed my contract to work here under Cole Stoy.

How It’s Going:

Can you share some differences between your role as an intern and your role now as a full-time employee?

My role now has more responsibilities as compared to when I was an intern. Instead of observing how to properly manage teams and how to create proposals, I am now actually managing employees and creating proposals. At first there was a learning curve to the responsibilities, but I know that if I wasn’t capable, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity.

How has your perception of the company or industry changed since becoming a full-time employee?

My perception of the company has continued to grow; I appreciate all the opportunities it has provided. Learning does not end at college and Ruppert actively embraces this through ongoing training and educating employees on best management practices.

What advice would you give to current or future interns who aspire to become full-time employees in the same company or industry?

My number one advice to current or future interns is to ask questions and “Fail Forward.” People will notice that you are trying to learn and develop, and that will take you much further than someone who is afraid to ask questions and make mistakes.

How do you see your career trajectory evolving within the company or industry in the future?

I see myself here at Ruppert moving up within the company. Taking what I have learned as an intern and now as an Area Manager, I believe will allow me to relate more to various employees and become a mentor/coach—just like Ethan and Cole have done for me.

Is there a Ruppert manager or coworker that you would consider as a mentor, and if so, why?

The two people who come to mind as mentors would be Cole Stoy and Ethan Brown. They have actively kept in touch with me from my internship to now, telling me struggles they have gone through in the past in my current role and assisting me when I need help. They both encourage me to grow, and I always feel comfortable reaching out to them when I need advice.