How it Started vs. How it’s Going: Ty Baker

Ty Baker former intern spotlightIn this employee spotlight series, we hear from former interns who have completed their 12-week summer internship program and have since accepted a full-time position at Ruppert Landscape.

Ty Baker started his Ruppert career with an internship in the summer of 2023 and is now an Assistant Project Manager in our North Carolina landscape construction branch.

How It Started:

How did you first hear about the internship opportunity? What motivated you to apply for/accept the internship?

Ruppert is a well-known company within our local community, not only for the work we do but the philanthropic efforts, so when I saw the opportunity to apply I didn’t hesitate.

How did the internship contribute to your personal and professional growth? What skills or knowledge did you gain during your internship that have been valuable in your current role?

I would say the internship helped me with a variety of skills that both improved my personal and professional growth. The area I grew most in is being resilient when facing problems and overcoming challenges in the dynamic field of construction. This allowed me to better connect with the Ruppert team and further build confidence in my own decision-making skills.

When/how were you offered a full-time position at Ruppert, and at what point did you realize that Ruppert was a company where you wanted to establish a platform for your career?

The office comradery is something that can be noticed immediately when coming to the NCL branch. In addition, working for a company that aligns with my personal values, provides great growth opportunities, and works on innovative projects made the decision an easy one.

How It’s Going:

Can you share some differences between your role as an intern and your role now as a full-time employee?

Transitioning from an intern to a full-time employee involved some significant changes, but overall was made easy by the preparation and guidance I was given as an intern. As a full-time employee, I have an increased scope of responsibilities and level of autonomy, and a different level of expectations/accountability.

How has your perception of the company or industry changed since becoming a full-time employee?

As a full-time employee, being involved in a wider range of projects and strategic discussions has given me a more comprehensive view of the company’s goals, challenges, and operational dynamics.

What advice would you give to current or future interns who aspire to become full-time employees in the same company or industry?

I recommend every intern to demonstrate initiative by going beyond your assigned tasks and showing a willingness to take on additional responsibilities and contribute ideas that add value to your team/company. Lastly, network within the company and with customers; these connections can become valuable advocates for your transition into full-time status.

How do you see your career trajectory evolving within the company or industry in the future?

I believe career paths are rarely linear; sometimes they can provide lateral moves, and unexpected opportunities. With that being said, I am currently focused on continuously expanding my skill set and expertise in areas I believe to be critical to success in the industry.