Turning Ideas & Goals into Actions

Presented by Chad Prinkey, Consultant, Neuberger & Co.

Business Development Consultant Chad Prinkey kicked off Day Two by encouraging us to think about how we are going to take the best practices we’ve learned and the goals and ideas we’ve generated over the course of MDD and turn them into meaningful actions so that we are sure to make the most of this training investment.

As he put it, we spend two days learning and leave with a ton of ideas for improving ourselves, but then we get back to the branch…and work happens. The danger of falling back into old habits and routines is that all the “to-dos” we learned at MDD turn into “shoulds” that we don’t act upon because we are too busy.

Chad advised us to start the process of turning ideas into actions by making a list.

  • Write down the tips and best practices you’ve learned that will enhance the way you do your job. Now write down the actions you want to take
  • Once you have your list, go through and circle the most important items on the list—no limits, just circle the top things you think you need to act on
  • Now, go through the list with your circles and narrow to the top three most important things
  • Break those big items into smaller, more manageable tasks that will help you make progress towards the larger goal
  • Open your daytimer or mobile calendar and block time for just the very first step so that you take action!
  • Make yourself accountable for following through by sharing your action steps with the people around you

Realistically, you will not be able to retain or act on everything you’ve learned, so the goal is to take three to five things and turn them into meaningful actions. If each of the 500+ people who attended MDD can do this, that means that 1,500+ meaningful changes will result from this year’s event, which would be pretty impactful!