Training Tract: LMS Refresh

By Stephanie Whealton, Training Content Manager

In order to continue providing professional development and advancement opportunities for our people, we must always be taking steps to grow our internal platforms. With a pause on in-person training due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training department has been given a unique opportunity to focus on upgrading our company’s Learning Management System (LMS), ‘Ruppert Learns.’

The chief reason for this upgrade was that our platform vendor was acquired by a larger company, Absorb. This acquisition was a well-timed blessing, as we were encountering more and more technical issues with our previous vendor, eLogic. Absorb has already proven that they have a robust support system, quickly mediating any technical problems we’ve encountered, as well as providing better customer service in general.

Along with better technical and customer service, the upgraded Ruppert Learns offers:

  • Easier Login by using existing Ruppert Email and Passwords
  • Easier navigation
  • A more user-friendly layout, designed to mimic ‘Netflix-style’ appearance
  • A dedicated area for reference documents
  • Expanded reporting capabilities

We’ve maintained our library of content from the previous site, including updated Ruppert EDGE documents, Operational Knowledge Assessments, and a slew of landscape maintenance modules. Moving forward, it is our goal to review and update the content that we currently have, while expanding to develop landscape construction modules. The long-term goal of this system is to be a site that every employee can visit to learn more about their role and find tools that make it easier for them to get the job done. As of right now, all employees who have an active company email have access to Ruppert Learns. For login instructions or to report an issue, talk with your branch training rep or email