Ruppert Landscape Employees and Parishioners Transform the Grounds of Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Field Day event included $100,000 in materials & over 800 man-hours donated

100 employees from Ruppert Landscape’s Lilburn and Mableton, GA and Raleigh and Charlotte, NC branches worked together with parishioners to transform the grounds of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Stone Mountain, GA on Thursday, September 13th, 2018. The renovation took place as part of Ruppert’s annual “Field Day” event, which enables the company and its employees to give back to the community, combining charitable giving, training, and friendly competition amongst branches. Team members competed in a variety of events, some fun in nature, like tug-of-war and dodgeball; others testing their knowledge and skills, like field efficiency and clean truck contests; and others that will have a direct, long-lasting and high-quality benefit for the church.

“When we began looking at potential sites to hold our next Field Day, we looked for a site where there was great need and where what we did would provide great benefit,” said Craig Ruppert, Ruppert Landscape CEO. “We felt that it was important, now more than ever, to support our country’s immigrants and we are happy to be using our landscaping skills to benefit an organization that serves such a diverse community.” About 70% of Corpus Christi’s congregation is comprised of immigrants and refugees from 47 different countries who speak over 14 different languages.

The day involved a significant investment of both time and materials, totaling approximately $100,000. Ruppert worked with Corpus Christi to ensure that the site improvements aligned with their master plan for the newly refurbished church building with an overall goal of encouraging parishioners to enjoy the property’s amenities. Site improvements included planting trees, shrubs, and perennials, laying turf, improving drainage, repairing concrete/pavers, and weeding, pruning, and mowing existing landscaping on the 7-acre site. In total, over 800 man-hours are being donated to bring this project to fruition.

“The majority of the places for meditation and prayer are indoors, so by beautifying the landscape we hope to build outdoor spaces to meditate and connect with the inner self, nature, and other parishioners and community members,” said Corpus Christi’s Father Paschal Amagba. “Some of our parishioners also took part in the day’s activities, so this event provided a unique opportunity for people of many different cultures and backgrounds to work together to transform the church grounds into a welcoming environment for reflection and community-building.”

Field Day is Ruppert Landscape’s annual community service event that enables the company to enjoy friendly competition and team-building while donating time and materials to provide an immediate and lasting benefit for the community. Over the years, these charitable projects have included parks, playgrounds, and schools that needed a little outside help to jumpstart their renovation. Since 1993, Ruppert Landscape has transformed the grounds of 26 DC Public Schools, Inman Field in Atlanta, Carroll Park in Baltimore, and the Armed Forces Retirement Home in D.C. (See fact sheet for additional information about other Field Day projects and local giving initiatives.)

About Corpus Christi Catholic Church

As a multicultural community, Corpus Christi welcomes people from any part of the world who are looking for a place to call home and family. We strive to promote a worshiping environment where people from different diversity can encounter a peaceful place, deepen their faith, nurture their Spiritual lives and live out the presence of God in nature and the community. To learn more about Corpus Christi Catholic Church, visit

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Ruppert Landscape, a family and employee-owned business, provides commercial landscape construction and management from 23 branches serving eight primary markets in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Houston. The company has a long-standing tradition of growing its team and giving back to the community. Visit us at