Recognizing Safety Company-Wide

By Dave Sanders, Director of Safety and Risk

First and foremost, we want to thank our team members throughout the company who have helped us create and maintain an excellent safety culture. As we know, safety is a team effort and it doesn’t happen by accident. We build safety practices and principles into our everyday routines, hold ourselves accountable, and measure our success. To that end, we are proud to congratulate several employees and branches for excellent safety records in 2023. Thank you for making your workplace a safe environment for our people and for providing a quality, safe service for our customers!

2023 Branch Safety Awards

These branches have the best overall safety record in their division and have met safety goals including a clean driving record, zero preventable incidents, and 100% of Tailgate Talks signed and returned.

  • Landscape Construction Division – Texas Branch
  • Landscape Maintenance Division, North – Silver Spring, MD Branch
  • Landscape Maintenance Division, North – Richmond East, VA Branch

2023 Field Manager Safety Awards

These employees met safety goals including a clean driving record, zero preventable incidents, and 100% of Tailgate Talks signed and returned.

  • Augustin Cedillos (MDL) *for the fifth consecutive year
  • Branson Huber (WHM) *for the second consecutive year
  • Rob Watson (MDL) *for the third consecutive year
  • Miguel Herrera (WHM) *for the second consecutive year
  • Darrin Middleton (MDL)
  • Curtis Delawder (FRM)
  • Gregory Hurst (MDL)
  • Jose Deleon (ALM)
  • Dan Billows (VAL)
  • Ulices Sanchez (ALM)
  • Edwin Reyes (VAL)
  • Arturo Zavala Jr. (CAM)
  • H. Savage (VAL)
  • Shoa Durant (REM)
  • Andrew Brewer (VAL)
  • Dan Torres (REM)
  • Charles Herring (GAL)
  • Robert Edwards (REM)
  • Joseph McKinnon (GAL)
  • Bernie Markham (REM)
  • Antonio Zamaga (GAL)
  • Jose Adrian Amaya (SSM)
  • Paul Kuehn (GAL)
  • Derek Cobbs (SSM)
  • Tim Downing (GAL)

2023 Branch Safety Representatives

These employees keep their branch safe by ensuring their branch is following all company policies and procedures related to safety. They do so through a variety of techniques including inspections, reporting, documenting, training, and making sure that the branch has all the proper tools and equipment in place for employees to work safely and efficiently.

  • Brandon Bahel (TOM)
  • Ryan Baker (CHM)
  • Charles Barrios (GAL)
  • Bryson Berish (BAM)
  • Cale Bowers (VAL)
  • Don Branch (DCL)
  • Lucas Brody (NCL)
  • Ray Burns (JAM)
  • Chuck Cassick (RIM)
  • Stan Collins (MAM)
  • Walt Dudovicz (FBM)
  • Roberto Escobar (DCM)
  • Ethan Faber (LIM)
  • Lee Felts (MDL)
  • Matthew Garrett (WHM)
  • Greg Hardy (ALM)
  • Robin Heredia (TXL)
  • Bryson Hinton (AXM)
  • Mark Innis (GAL)
  • Jorge Jimenez (ORM)
  • Chris Jones (ELM)
  • Randy Kincade (NFL)
  • Eric Long (LAM)
  • Sarah Marr (Athens)
  • JD McGurk (DEM)
  • Collin Meyers (STM)
  • Cooper Murray (DHM)
  • Taylor Nienke (RAM)
  • Nate Oliver (GVM)
  • John Parsley (TNL)
  • Tim Paschall (WGM)
  • Erick Picard (RSM)
  • Andrew Pistolas (FOM)
  • Kevin Rajk (SSM)
  • Francisco Reyes (DLM)
  • Ethan Russel (MDL)
  • Ken Steich (PAL)
  • Josh Strohm (KIM)
  • Daniel Stutts (APM)
  • Johnny Sawyer (Fleet)
  • Divan Van Eck (FRM)
  • Sean Walters (CHL)
  • Luke Walton (REM)
  • Jay Williams (CAM)
  • Larry Windsor (BOM)

Congratulations to all of our safety award winners and thank you to our branch safety representatives for helping to keep safety top of mind as we go about our daily operations so that we all return home safely to our families each evening. Keep up the great work!