Preparing for the Holidays During the Summer Months

By Ariana Rizzo, Business Development Manager

As we head into August, many of us are thinking about the warm weather we’ve been having and getting in that last trip to the beach before the kids go back to school. For those of us in the commercial landscape management business, we’re already thinking about the holidays! If you own a business or manage a property, you might want to start thinking about partnering with your landscape contractor to ensure that you’re ready as the leaves start to change color and that first holiday song is played on the radio!

Holiday décor on commercial properties goes beyond spreading cheer – it creates a warm and inviting ambiance that draws customers in and boosts sales, supports seasonal events for tenants to enjoy, and reminds residents of cherished memories and customs. So why should you start planning now?

  1.  Creative and Unique Themes—Starting the planning process early gives our design team time to brainstorm and develop creative and unique holiday decor themes that match the property’s aesthetic and appeal to tenants or visitors.
  2.  Availability of Decorations—Holiday decor items and services may experience high demand as the holiday season approaches. By starting early, you’ll be able to explore options and guarantee that whatever theme you choose is available.
  3. Ruppert Landscape holiday decor installation servicesBudgeting and Cost Management—The more lead time we have for ordering décor, the better the pricing. By planning early, you can build the costs into your budget in advance instead of it being an afterthought.
  4. Installation and Testing—Depending on the design, installing holiday decor can be a time-consuming process. Starting early ensures there is sufficient time for the installation and, if necessary, testing the decor to fix any technical issues or fine-tune adjustments.
  5. Holiday Scheduling—Schedules get busy around the holidays and we want to ensure that your display is in place when you want it to have the most impact; planning ahead lets us meet your expectations.
  6. Marketing and Promotion—For properties open to the public, early planning allows a property manager to create marketing campaigns or events centered around the holiday decor. By promoting the festive atmosphere in advance, you’ll have the ability to attract more visitors and potential tenants. Consider making it photo/social friendly with a hashtag, QR code, or easy way to share on social media or community engagement boards.
  7. Positive Tenant/Resident Experience—Well-thought-out and attractive holiday decor can enhance the experience for tenants and residents and can put people in touch with the joy associated with the holidays to come. Happy people associate their positive emotions with their surroundings, which fosters an even deeper connection to your property. A win-win for all involved.

Although it might not be a task that’s on your calendar for the summer, considering holiday decorations now can be a wise approach. Just like Starbucks, which brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte on August 30th of this year, planning ahead for your property’s holiday décor can yield many benefits. Collaborating with your landscape contractor and investing in holiday decorations early can open up opportunities for meaningful seasonal events and activities and foster stronger positive connections between your property and the tenants and residents who visit or live there.