The EXO Apartments


A National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) award-winning project. The EXO at Excelsior Parc in Reston, Virginia is a 16-story residential development that includes 457 apartments and 646 parking spaces. The project is organized into two towers atop a landscaped parking plinth and is linked by a single story building that houses reception and other management functions. The amenity deck between the two towers contains outdoor seating and dining areas, a large swimming pool, and vibrant landscaping. The building facades are modularized, designed to leverage efficiencies in fabrication and construction, while scattered balconies punctuate the elevations. The site is designed to provide a high-end work here/live here feeling, which the site’s owner developer has accomplished with materials, features and attention to detail requiring a high-level of craftsmanship to bring to fruition. Additional focus was given to sustainability with the installation of a semi-inclusive green roof and native material throughout.

Project Scope

The project involved the installation of 270 trees; 2900 shrubs; 10,500 perennials and grasses; 36,000 SF of turf; 900 SF of artificial turf; 2500 CY of soil; 270 CY of mulch; 650 LF of steel edging, 14,000 SF of filter fabric; 2450 C-Ft. of polystyrene; an irrigation system with 25,000 SF of drip, fixed spray and rotors; 8100 SF of concrete flatwork and 22,000 SF of pavers.