Intern Day 2019

This year, Ruppert’s summer internship program welcomed 20 students assigned to various branches. With a strong desire to attract the industry’s best and brightest into our ranks, we actively recruit select students from a variety of universities including Frostburg University, Michigan State University, NC State University, Penn State, Temple University, Texas A&M, and University of Maryland.

First Row from L to R: Tom Barry, Jay Long, Margaret Hoffman, Melanie Anderson, Garth Jorgensen, Abby Denning, Sekai Steave-Onyundo, Adam Rosetti, Chris Pridge, Corey McAndrew, Adin Feuer, Paul Gallo, Brandon Witt, and Omar Miranda.

Second Row from L to R: Nicholas Seils, Andrew McCoy, Parker Davidson, Phil Key, Damien Barber, De’Shawn Wooden, Kyle Pope, Ken Ingram, Hilary Snyder, Daisy Miranda, Samuel Tyler, John Sink, Charles Dellaripa, Mike Mathias, Bob Jones, and Mike Felts.

We try to be selective in the process of choosing the best candidates for this internship program, as more than half of the interns who complete the program are offered full-time employment after graduation. This is a win-win for both parties, as the student is familiar with Ruppert’s environment, culture and expectations, and the company has had an opportunity to see a student’s work ethic and aptitude.

Throughout our 8–12 week summer internship program, participants receive an orientation and exposure to a variety of operational and management responsibilities. They have an opportunity to interact with senior leadership, participate in skills training, branch appreciation initiatives and trade association meetings, and work with other interns and branch personnel. At the end of the summer, they take part in a two-day event called Intern Day which marks the culmination of our internship program. During day one, they are required to prepare a presentation about their summer work experience, detailing what he/she learned and how that knowledge will be applied at school or in future work experiences.