The Importance of Taking Time to Unwind

By Craig Ruppert, CEO

As we head into the heart of summer, it’s important that we remember one of our core values: appreciate and celebrate. From what I’ve seen on social media and in our newsletter, it appears that we are doing pretty well with that value! By holding BBQ’s at the branch, going fishing or out to a ball game, or by simply enjoying each other’s company around a fire pit at the end of the day, we stay true to our philosophy of working hard and celebrating our accomplishments. As always, it’s important that we do that celebrating in moderation so that we remain safe while celebrating our team’s successes.

While relaxing and unwinding with our coworkers is important, it’s also essential that each of us as individuals take the time we need to properly unwind and mentally prepare for what lies ahead. It’s like the advice the flight attendants give when you’re taxiing down the runway….be sure to affix your oxygen mask before you attempt to help others. As with any job, what we do comes with a fair amount of stress. When we push ourselves to meet deadlines and produce the highest quality service for our customers, it can take its toll on us both physically and mentally. And when that happens, we may not be able to think as clearly or respond to challenges as quickly as we otherwise would.

So, whatever it is that you do to relieve stress and realign your focus, whether that is working out, hiking, golfing, yoga, or spending quality time with family and friends, I encourage you to do so on a regular basis. Your wellbeing matters, and when your work/life balance is out of alignment, it impacts not only yourself but your team. It’s important to remember to take whatever time is needed and not feel guilty about it so that you are prepared for each day and in the right mindset to make sound decisions, respond to requests, and lead your team, if your job calls for it. By finding the right outlet to clear your head, you will ultimately be better equipped to deal with the daily challenges that inevitably arise. Remember: you can’t help others if you’re depleted yourself.

In closing, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have worked so hard throughout a busy and productive first half of the year. We are poised to have an even busier second half of the year, but with a clear focus, a good team effort, and some emphasis on our individual health and well-being, I know that we can face any challenges that arise.