HR Highlight: Think Outside the Recruiting Box

By Courtney Pohlit, Director of People & Recruiting

As we transition into the fall and winter, it is important to remember that even though the work we do in the spring and summer—from mulching and mowing to seasonal color—is drawing to a close in many of our markets, our business does not slow down. Neither should recruiting.

Thanks to our southern locations with much milder climates, the snow and ice management services we provide in our northern region, and our Landscape Construction division which actually sees an uptick in work at the end of the year, we are continuously in need of new talent. We’re always hiring crew members and field managers, but there are also many opportunities beyond that.

Some of our current openings include project managers in Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, DC. While having a background in construction management or landscape architecture can certainly give an applicant a leg up in the role, many of the skills and responsibilities of a project manager cross industries. At Ruppert, sphere of influence is our biggest recruiting tool. By reaching out to our networks and using broad qualities and skill sets when describing a role—such as being highly organized, having strong communication and leadership skills, and scheduling and contracting experience—we have a stronger ability to identify a good fit for the position and the applicant can learn the specific industry knowledge they may be lacking.

Pictured right: Project manager, production manager, contract administrator, and estimator are just a few of the many positions we have available in our landscape construction division.

Estimators are another example of a role we have that does not necessarily need to have industry experience in order to be successful. To recruit for this role, instead of asking someone in your sphere of influence if they have done any estimating for a landscape company, ask Do you or anyone you know have experience managing workflows from the proposal stage to contract execution? Have you ever written scopes of work and solicited quotes for materials and services?  

Here are some other helpful recruiting tips:

  • Take advantage of Social Media. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn provide instant connection to hundreds (or more!) of people you know who may be looking for a new opportunity. Share posts from our company pages and encourage your network to reach out to you with questions and interest.
  • Share your career experience with friends and family. From what drew you to Ruppert Landscape at the start, the training and encouragement you have received since joining the team, the growth opportunities available to you in the future, and the commitments we make to our customers and communities, your experience will impact their decision to pursue a career with us.
  • Go beyond your contacts. In addition to recruiting within your own network, let your friends and family know you’d like to extend opportunities to their networks as well. Encourage them to share your career story and contact information.

As a former project manager at a marketing agency who took on an IT project management role at Ruppert before moving into Human Resources, I have first-hand experience with how rewarding jumping into a new industry can be. At a time where many industries like hotels, restaurants and retail are reducing their workforce, please help us share the many great opportunities that exist within our organization with your family and friends. We humans tend to gravitate toward people with similar characteristics, so there’s a good chance that you have potential recruits within your existing network that share a similar work ethic and values that might be grateful for the information. And since our people are our greatest asset, having that connection to and reference from an existing employee means having a leg up in the interview process!