ELEVATE 2 is Here!

By: Pam Berrios, Director of Multicultural Training and Development

Our ELEVATE 2 Leadership Training Program, provided entirely en Español for our Spanish-speaking workforce, is now open for enrollment for ALL graduates of ELEVATE 1. We have built upon our ELEVATE 1 curriculum and customized it to meet the needs of our Latinx employees after receiving feedback from ELEVATE 1 alumni. ELEVATE 2 was created with the intention of answering as many common questions as possible through interactive lectures, engaging group leadership, and team building activities. Most importantly, we will continue to operate with our main goal in mind, which is to empower our workforce to take the next step in their career and overcome any residual fears or doubts.

ELEVATE 1 was created to help answer the question, “What can I do in order to grow at Ruppert?” In turn, ELEVATE 2 asks our Latinx workforce, “What can Ruppert do to help you grow?” We have successfully translated several resources regarding employee benefits and interpreted them into a more accessible format, including information on ADP, 401K, direct deposit payments, insurance, personal finances, and paid leave. Many Latinx employees are unaware of the benefits provided to salaried positions either due to miscommunications, misinterpretations, or a combination of the two. By bridging this language barrier and providing employees with ample time to ask questions, ELEVATE 2 further encourages our Latinx workforce to aspire towards higher positions within the company.

Despite the importance of the information provided in this training, we understand that it’s difficult for employees who are used to being outside most of the day to sit still for hours of lectures. So, ELEVATE 2 was designed to keep employees engaged by making ample time for fun activities related to the curriculum. Activities include outdoor exercises, group projects, and practicing daily affirmations. Ice breakers and exercises (such as an innovative running challenge set outdoors) help reinforce training topics while giving employees from different branches the chance to get to know each other better.

This course is all about training our Latinx employees how to build each other up with some specific focus on how to improve communication skills, with an emphasis on technology. Vital tools such as Microsoft Office, Email and PowerPoint allow participants to use resources that they may not have known were available before. By practicing technology-based methods of communication, participants will be able to improve on the skills that they’ll need to move up to that next level within their branches and the company.

ELEVATE 1 and 2 are all about breaking barriers. We combine expertise and passion for empowerment, which leaves no room for failure inside the walls of our training rooms. There is a reason why ELEVATE 1 graduates are eager to learn more and always want to come back. This next chapter in diversity training will continue to ELEVATE our employees in the way that both they and Ruppert Landscape deserve. Every success story that comes out of this program starts with a goal or dream that may have deemed impossible. It stops employees from asking themselves “why?” and instead makes them wonder, “why not?”

To register yourself or your employees, email their names directly to pberrios@ruppertcompanies.com. I hope to see you all in class soon!