2020: A Retrospective | By Craig Ruppert, CEO

This year certainly wasn’t the year we expected it to be. We’ve all been challenged with separation from those we love, changing the way we work and live our lives, and adapting to new practices that have been evolving almost daily. We’ve had to be brave—like so many of you who continued to show up and do the work that was necessary to support our customers while wrestling with all the personal safety concerns that each of us faced. It’s been an adjustment for me, as I’m sure it has for many of you.

But like everything that we face in life, there are often positive rewards that come disguised within those challenges, helping us to adapt, propel ourselves forward, and grow. I’ve seen many examples of us supporting each other and our company—checking in on our customers with calls and emails, taking meals to sick coworkers, and figuring out safe ways to appreciate accomplishments while still socially distancing. We’ve supported our community in diverse ways—from packing meals for food banks and helping with housing assistance needs to supporting educational learning hubs and helping to care for those with developmental disabilities (and many other vulnerable populations). We’ve contributed over $570,000 to many deserving causes, extending ourselves and our resources in support of those in our community who need help now more than ever. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to give within our community and I hope that you’re able to feel that same pride in knowing that you played a key role in making that happen.

A friend recently passed along to me this quote by the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and I liked that it’s simple but is just good common sense:

“The three factors that seem to have the greatest influence on increasing our happiness are our ability to reframe our situation more positively, our ability to experience gratitude, and our choice to be kind and generous.”

I hope you get the opportunity to slow down, spend quality time with family, and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. I am grateful for the talent and hard work of every member of our team, and for the many friendships that make up our extended Ruppert family. Keep up the great work, keep doing what you can to lighten the load of others, and let’s all practice a little more kindness and a little more patience this holiday season. I wish you and your family a great holiday and a happy and healthy 2021.