Why Join The Ruppert Team?

Family & Employee Owned

When a company is family and employee owned, that personal connection to the business is an integral part of company’s long-term success. There is often more at stake when it’s their family name on the side of the trucks. Family-owned businesses want their organization connected to strong guiding principles that emphasize continuity, integrity, and trustworthiness. At Ruppert, this means there are strong lines of communication and training to ensure that the company values are understood and practiced at all levels.

Additionally, family-owned businesses like Ruppert are less interested in the short-term reward and more interested in the company’s longevity. The byproduct of that outlook is that employees have career stability and both employer and employee are focused on long-term success.

Proven Track Record

Healthy growth has been a trademark of the Ruppert organization. One of the phrases we say over and over again here at Ruppert is “watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” This deeply held tenet means balancing opportunity and efficiency with a constant awareness of expenditures and risk. We ask our team members to spend money as if it were their own, which can be as simple as reducing waste and negotiating the best price-for-value with a vendor or may involve more complex concepts such as organic growth and selectively bidding projects to avoid risk.

Growth is more than just an endorsement of the company’s health; it helps create a forward-thinking environment and one that provides opportunities for advancement. We’ve been an excellent source of career and personal growth opportunities for more than 45 years.

Strong Company Culture

Our culture fosters employee pride and loyalty, requires a great deal of effort and emphasizes high-quality workmanship and customer service. Our employees are the heart of our organization—they are the thinkers and doers, innovators and problem-solvers. Energetic, personable and enthusiastic about what they do, they are the embodiment of our core values.

Our employees are some of the most dedicated and driven professionals in our industry, but we like to have fun too. From awards banquets and cookouts to team building events and fun social gatherings, we are focused on providing opportunities to build camaraderie with your teammates beyond the job site or office.

At Ruppert, our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, with different values and beliefs. We’re proud of our people, practices and place in the community as an employer where diverse thoughts and ideas are valued and respected. We believe our culture provides an environment that embraces diverse values, beliefs, and lifestyles—all of which help us to create a strong team.

Community Service

We are passionate about helping those in need. Giving back is one of our core values and an integral part of how we do business. We encourage our employees to participate in activities that support our communities and we listen to their suggestions about worthwhile causes, initiatives and organizations. Being a good neighbor provides opportunities for growth and makes a positive impact on the communities where we work and live.

To learn more about our community service efforts, visit our philanthropy page.

Professional Development

Our culture is one that is built around our employees—they are the linchpin of our success and are really the cornerstone of our organization. All the other things that contribute to a company’s success—like quality work, good customer service and profitability—all hinge on being able to draw quality, hardworking people into your company and then facilitating their personal and professional development.

Whether you are on a jobsite or in the office, we are devoted to providing training, opportunities, and social experiences that foster collaboration and produce industry leaders. At Ruppert, all employees are treated fairly and individual contributions are recognized and respected. We work hard to keep our team happy and engaged and to create an atmosphere where employees feel valued and prepared to face the challenges that come with their job.

Ruppert has dedicated corporate and operational training leadership that creates and delivers many learning opportunities such as:

  • An on-boarding program for new employees
  • Ruppert’s learning management system with hundreds of classes to help employees get to the next stage of their career.
  • Required training for all those in management positions that help them develop their people skills
  • Onsite training and workshops from vendors to learn new skills and master new equipment
  • Management Development Days—a 2-day training for every manager in the company to develop skills ranging from recruiting and motivating employees to landscape best practices.
  • Jobsite tours
  • Association involvement and conferences
  • Tuition reimbursement

Room To Grow

Ruppert is much more than just a place to work. It’s a place to be yourself and grow both personally and professionally. We are committed to providing avenues for promotion or advancement within the company with a clear path that includes establishing goals, aligning expectations, mentoring and coaching, and skills training—all provided through an open and ongoing dialogue that includes both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to increase long-term success.

Many of our senior leadership team began their careers with Ruppert and have been internally promoted. Throughout our organization, we help our employees continue to grow professionally with in-house training programs, professional development seminars, education assistance and regular performance feedback.