The Ruppert Advantage

As one of three Ruppert entities, Ruppert Landscape is able to draw from the experience and expertise of the various disciplines that comprise the Ruppert Companies. Each company consists of a team of industry experts that strive to lead their industry in customer service and employee development. Under the Ruppert umbrella, they are afforded the rare combination of financial resources, valuable associations, a broad base of knowledge and fresh perspectives on cutting-edge management practices.

A Dedicated Team

The Ruppert philosophy states that “taking excellent care of our employees will result in our employees taking excellent care of our customers.” That employee care program includes:

  • A broad base of ownership
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Various awards and recognition programs
  • Extensive skills and management training
  • Open-book management
  • Active community service programs

In addition, there is an average Ruppert tenure of 14 years within the ranks of branch and executive managers and an industry tenure average of 22 years within that same group. The benefits of this unusual level of loyalty and experience cannot be measured, but are felt in every aspect of company, customer and field operations.

Financial Standing

A long history of success has resulted in a strong financial capacity. This ability allows us to invest in people and make capital investments that increase our capability to do the job and continually improve. Ruppert Landscape’s bonding capacity is one of the highest in the construction industry.

A Track Record of Growth

Healthy growth has been a trademark of the Ruppert organization. This growth has been recognized by Inc. Magazine, among other publications, through inclusion on their list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Growth is more than recognition of Ruppert’s health; it helps to create a forward-thinking environment.

A “Can Do” Culture

A distinct corporate culture is what distinguishes Ruppert from the competition. This culture fosters employee pride and loyalty, requires a great deal of effort and emphasizes high-quality workmanship and customer service. The net result is a team of management and staff that thrive on challenge, believe they will overcome all obstacles and who seek to exceed customer expectations.

Employee Empowerment

Customers are able to realize all the advantages of working with a big company, but the company’s decentralized branching structure creates an atmosphere where employees are empowered to make the best decisions and provide the most efficient service for our customers.


Our customized landscape software allows our office and field staff to be informed and takes critical elements of the job that is time consuming away—which enables us to focus on customer communication.

Focus on Safety

Ensuring that all persons on a jobsite are protected from injury and hazards is of paramount importance. This includes correcting potentially unsafe working, site conditions or working procedures; maintaining tools and equipment properly; and enforcing all safety rules and procedures. The end result is a company that is substantially safer and attuned to maintaining a jobsite that promotes safety.

Commitment to Ethics

An attitude of integrity has been fostered in all employees. The company is committed to dealing with co-workers, vendors and customers in an honest, straight-forward and ethical manner. This means that overpayments are refunded, time commitments are met or rescheduled well in advance, verbal agreements are honored, and disagreements are handled professionally.

Taking Care of the Environment

Ruppert is not new to the green movement. The company uses its resources proactively in many areas including:

  • Planting of nearly 1,000,000 trees and shrubs since its inception nearly 50 years ago and growing more than 100,000 wholesale trees on over 800 acres in Maryland and Virginia.
  • The 2008 construction of a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified corporate campus in Laytonsville (MD)
  • The 2011 construction of a 220 Kw ground mounted solar system—totaling over 1/3 of an acre—that completely offsets all of the electrical demand for the company’s corporate campus.
  • The use of hybrid vehicles and alternative powered equipment
  • The use of water reclamation systems at several facilities for landscape irrigation
  • The use of organic landscape chemicals and materials (when requested)
  • The use of organic waste recycling at selected facilities
  • Development and implementation of specific landscape management green practices for select customers.