The Greensheet, which is our company's newsletter, has been produced for our employees for the past 25 years. As we grew in size, it provided us with a way to communicate best management practices from developing communication skills to fundamental critical thinking methods. It also allowed us to share general company information including safety practices, profiles of our key jobs and community service initiatives. Finally, we shared our personal achievements with everything from employee marriages and new babies to promotions and training certification. It compliments our daily management, underscores our core values and helps us remember that we are all part of one big team.

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Equally as important as our employees, however, are our many customers, friends and supporters with whom we also want to stay in touch. At the suggestion of some of these associates, we have decided to send two Greensheets a year to that group as well, with the hope that it will provide them with additional insight into our company, our practices and most importantly, our people. We are hoping that it will serve as a springboard for the exchange of ideas, more meaningful conversations and a better understanding of our company and its employees. Ultimately, we hope this additional connection will enable us to provide better service.

Our concern is that we don't want to inundate you with unnecessary information. To that end, if you’d like to opt out or start to receive the Greensheet electronically please fill out the form below. Also, we are interested in any feedback you may have about the Greensheet or its contents and would welcome any ideas for improvement so that we can better serve you.